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How to turn the urge to write into a concrete writing project

An empty screen can produce such anxiety that your blood pressure can rise alarmingly, say scientists. So how do you edge past the anxiety? How can you turn the vague desire to write into a concrete writing project?

We are constantly approached by people with the urge to write – but no idea how to translate that desire into practice.

“I write in a journal every day, but how do I go from there into writing more seriously?” Or, “I want to write a book, but I have no idea where to start or what to do first.”

If this sounds anything like you, join our free webinar, where we’ll try to find at least some of the answers, and will hopefully get you filling those blank pages with the start of a novel, a memoir, or a short story.

Live Webinar

9 March 2021


UK time


South Africa Time

Our free webinars are specifically and wholly devoted to improving your creative writing skills. You’ll set the agenda: we’ll be responding to your questions and discussing issues important to you.

TURN your URGE to write into Practice

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